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                      1. COMPANY
                                  Foshan big iron nc machinery co., LTD., is a China and South Korea cooperation, the specialty is engaged in precision CNC machinery research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Pioneer company spirit of "people-oriented," the enterprise idea, has formed an efficient technical team, with independent research and development ability make big iron company has won two national patents.

                                  Company produces the "big iron" CNC wedm to the "new structure, low loss, high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving" wait for a characteristic, always walk in the same industry. In particular, the company's new DT - 2008 series of silk, brisk walking wire high precision wire cutting CNC machine tools, to occupy the high-end market brisk walking silk. Has won numerous manufacturers user acceptance. The company's products have been sold to South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and other countries and regions.

                                  Our company has many areas in the country to establish sales and service network, always follow the "all things with, customers trust" the service slogan, truly to cooperate with the customers, create brilliant.

                        Company tenet

                        The user is supreme, quality first, with all things, customer rest assured!
                        Exquisite technology, keep improving; Good faith service, perfect!